Server ONLINE:
L o a d i n g . . .
Welcome to l2etina!
Join our truly unique x50 Craft-PvP Interlude Midrate Server with No P2w and No Bots!
No Wipes!
The server will never wipe but instead it will merge with L2Earth and L2Etina upcoming midrate servers. The online time of the server is guaranteed regardless of the amount of players.
Interlude Midrate Gameplay
Npc Buffer 2 Hours, GmShop up to B grade, Automatic Events, Auto learn skills, Auto loot, Mana Potions, Olympiad Every 2 weeks, Sieges Every 2 weeks.
No P2W! No Bots!
The main difference between L2Etina x50 craft-pvp and other midrate servers is that you cannot buy ingame advantage such as exp bonuses, items, enchants, adena, everything is earn by self effort and dedication, no more P2W.
Classic Client
L2Etina provides a fully implemented Classic Client: improved graphics, a new interface, the mailing system and cloaks are just a few of the new features you’ll be able to enjoy.
Modern Mid Rate
L2Etina offers a set of features that can't be found anywhere else.
We are excited to find out what you think!
Mid rate experience
The progress speed was adjusted to a comfortable gameplay.
  • Experience: 50x
  • Skill Points: 50x
  • Adena Drop: 6x
  • Item Drop: 6x
  • Seal Stones Drop: 6x
  • Spoil Rate: 6x
  • Raid Boss Exp: 10x
  • Raid Boss Drop: 3x
  • Epic Boss Drop: 1x
  • Quest Reward Items/Adena: 1x
  • Adjusted Quest Rates
  • Gather the Flames x1
  • Relics of the Old Empire x2
  • The Finest Food x3
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos/Ketra Orcs x3
  • War with Ketra/Varka x3
  • The Zero Hour x3
  • Yoke of the Past x3
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension x3
  • Exploration of the Giants’ Cave – Part 1 & 2 x3
  • Legacy of Insolence x3
  • Supplier of reagents x3
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat x3
  • Massive Battles
    To encourage PvP action, Epic Bosses respawn more often than on retail. We want players to experience epic battles, that's why Castle Sieges take place every 2 weeks and New Heroes take place every 1 week.
    Special NPCS:
    All this is available in one NPC called Yolanda that you can find in every town. (it has other functions such as warehouse, symbol maker, gatekeeper, augument, change subclass)
  • Buffer: all buffs, including pet buffs, resistances… Duration 2 hours.
  • Shop: up to B grade, normal enchants, misc items…
  • Event shop: with event medals from tvt, ctf, korean tvt, death match. You can buy Blessed scrolls, bogs, top LS, Soul Crystals (11, 12, 13), buff books….
  • Faster progress
    We made it easier to complete the subclass quest. To increase the pace, subclass raid bosses respawn every 8-9 hours. Shady Man spawns near each of them and offers details on the RB spawn time for a fee.
    Once you have Pipete you can exchange for Red Pipete for FREE in gmshop). On this way everyone can make subclass without going to Baium.
    Modern Interface
    You will play on L2Etina with new game version, but only the features that don't affect the gameplay are enabled. Health bar, damage visualization, mini map, party tokens, debuffs landed on monsters and many other features are available, while auto hunting is disabled.
    Useful info at hand
    Nobody likes to minimize game to search for knowledge. On L2Etina it's possible to check rewards of any monster, find every possible way of getting desired item or check which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon. There is also a guide for players unfamiliar with Interlude or game in general.
    Enchant rates
    Safe Enchant: +3
    Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4
    Max Enchant: +16
    Enchanting Chance: 66% Fighter Weapon 40% Mage Weapon 50% Armor/Jeweles
    No pay to win
    NO P2W! No boosters for donations, you have to farm everything by yourself in our server! The only thing you can donate in our server is for Premium Account, Cosmetics, 3rd Class Quest, Subclass Quest and Noblesse Partial Quest ( You still need to kill Barakiel).